VINFINITY Wine Preservation System

July 10th, 2009

The VINFINITY Wine Preservation System revolutionises the preservation of wine in opened bottles and the service of wine by the glass as it allows you to vacuum seal every wine after every pour in less than 2 seconds, from multiple locations within your restaurant or bars.

Based on proven wine preservation technology, VINFINITY is a simple wine preservation system that extends the life of wine, prevents loss and increases profit. It’s easy to install and use, operates quickly and quietly, occupies very little space and is practically maintenace free.

From restaurants to tasting rooms, VINFINITY is truly indispensable in guaranteeing customer satisfation and increasing traffic.

*For the purpose of simply illustrating the components involved in the Vinfinity Wine Preservation system we have connected up all the components for this photo.

When it comes to actually installing Vinfinity, the central vacuum unit is usually located in the cellar and tubing is run from the central vacuum unit to the bar/restaurant service locations where the blue vacuum guns are connected to the tubing.

Please note that there is no limit to the amount of blue vacuum guns or the distance that they can be from the central vacuum unit. We recently installed a system in New York that had 6 vacuum stations.



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July 17th, 2009